What Ban Ki-moon has to learn from the past

I wrote this piece Jan 16, when Ban was still hot in ROK politics. It was written for a project I’m participating but it was losing its relevance to the current ROK politics as the publication got delayed with new events happening. Finally, it had a death sentence when Ban abruptly threw in the towel on Feb 1.

I post the piece by now because I still think this 2,200-word feature about South Korean politics has some relevance, especially to South Korean’s politicophobia and celeb newcomers’ common failure in politics. Just the first draft, so you may find some seams, sorry in advance!

He is a prominent contender for the next presidency of the Republic of Korea. Though politics has never been his thing, his support rate has been among the top bunch, by far surpassing several serious career politicians.

In fact, the lack of his career in politics was one of the very reasons why he has been so popular. South Korean citizens are fed up with corrupted, slimy politicians who always failed them in the end.

While some pundits expressed their concern for his lack of experience in politics, people laud his success in his career, which made him renowned worldwide. People expected him to achieve the same in running the country.

At some point, his support rate was 42.4 per cent, beating Park Geun-hye, the most prominent candidate then, for the first time. He was thought to be the most competitive candidate than Moon Jae-in against Park.

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트럼프 모자를 사러 뉴욕 트럼프타워에 갔다. 잔뜩 쌓여 있는 트럼프 모자를 나만 살 수 없었다

오늘 오전에 회의를 하다가 문득 Make America Great Again 모자 이야기가 나와서 작년말 뉴욕 여행에서 겪었던 일을 이야기했는데 다들 써보라며 뽐뿌를 넣어… 쓰게 되었습니다.

…혹시 너무 인기가 많아 재고가 없는 것은 아닐까. 우려와는 달리 기념품점에는 모자 등의 각종 상품이 가득했다. 아직 이른 오전이라 그런지 점원은 상자 하나를 열고 트럼프 모자들을 꺼내고 있었다.

모자를 살 수 있느냐는 나의 질문에 점원은 내가 미국 시민이냐고 반문했다. 미국 시민권자나 영주권자만 이 모자를 살 수 있단다.

나는 충격에 빠졌다. 심지어 모자를 사는 것도 America First라는 건가! 아직 대통령 취임도 하기 전인데 벌써 미국에는 차별의 폭풍이 불고 있단 말인가! 나는 이유라도 들어보려고 다시 물었다.

트럼프 모자를 사러 뉴욕 트럼프타워에 갔다. 잔뜩 쌓여 있는 트럼프 모자를 나만 살 수 없었다